LFG-GENEVA LIMITED offers a global network of financing sources for infrastructure and renewable energy financing through a large and active network of specialist consultants. We also have access to the best EPC contractors, engineering companies and equipment manufacturers worldwide. We offer complete solutions to help you bring your projects to life. We have established relationships with the main German banking group specializing in renewable energy project financing globally" and are the main finance consultant for a major China Bank with Sinosure guarantee.
Apart from the financially completed projects, we are directly involved in ongoing financing efforts for a number of large projects worldwide. Such projects are either at a preliminary stage, or with signed MoUs and DD in process.
Our Consortium maintains more than 4,000 corresponding relationships with lenders and investors on a global basis. As experienced advisors we work with our clients to develop a targeted approach to accomplish their projects, at both Government and institutional levels, making us a force to reckon with.
In addition to our core business of developing and financing projects for investment grade entities as well as governments, our Group is prepared to provide assistance in any country with the exception of those black listed by international standards and those with severe political unrest.

We are mainly active in:

Renewable Energy:

    Large infrastructure projects (around and above USD 50 Mln, no upper limit), shovel ready, involving Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydropower, Biomass, Biofuel, Geothermal Energy, Photovoltaic, Thermal Energy, Marine Energy, etc., worldwide. With Sovereign Guarantees or 20% equity in place.


    Roads, dams, bridges, tunnels, rail, harbor, etc.
    We are also interested in mining, healthcare facilities, hospitality, travel, medical tourism, pharma, food products, manufacturing and more.

Construction & Mining:

    We can offer construction financing if the project has an exit strategy already in place (end buyer or refinancing bank). We work with Bank of China and Chinese State owned EPC contractors. They will finance the project and build it in full. When the project is completed, the company will want the project to be paid to them, either by an end buyer or a refinancing bank/investment company or group. This is the exit strategy that needs to be in place before the construction can begin.
    We can offer financing for mining expansion after receiving adequate lab report with proven reserves.

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